Advanced Driving Techniques: The Fast Line

In general the fastest racing line is the straightest line basically. Now every corner has its own characteristic, its own optimal line based on whatever car you’re driving.

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Go Kart Forum

Introducing the Go Kart Forum!
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Now racers can join together and talk kart. Whether its about racing, maintenance, engine troubles or just sharing ultra-cool stuff. The forums are the place to do it!

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3 minutes that show how intense Go Karting can be

Here at Go Kart Source we believe in safety first always. Here is a video of some examples of what can happen when things get hectic.

I’ve been involved in racing over 7 years now and I have to tell you I very rarely see any go kart crashes like these. I’ve seen a go kart catch fire. I’ve seen a go kart get some big air and flip. I’ve scene bent axels and tires flying. Some of these accidents you really will only see once in a lifetime.

Be safe kids.

Go Kart Brakes

Go kart brakes are arguably the most important component of a competitive racing go kart chassis. On most 4 stroke go kart engines, there is one braking system attached to the back wheels only. There are two components on the go kart brakes which make it unique.

Disc Brake Caliper
This portion of the brake system on a go kart is very important. It is usually made of heavy steel and has two rubber pads on it. When the brake pedal on the go kart is depressed, the brake fluid causes these two rubber pads squeeze towards one another and put friction on the brake disc. This is what slows the go kart down.
gokartbrakesBrake Disc Rotors
The brake disc rotor is what the brake caliper squeezes to cause friction to make the go kart slow down. Competitive go kart racers use two types of rotors. Some are more expensive then others. They include steel disc rotors and ceramic disc rotors. Ceramic disc rotors are usually more expensive because they are of higher quality and can withstand the high temperatures that are created with the friction associated with braking.

Brake Care
It is important to take care of your go kart brake system whether you race competitively or if you do off road go karting. Braking effectively and efficiently is crucial in staying smooth with your race plan and on your cornering. You can buy cleaners that are specifically for brakes that will keep the rotors and the callipers clear of dust and dirt from the race track. Do not use oil or lubricants like DW-40 to clean you brakes, as this will cause them to slip and be less effective during your race.

Brake Bleeding
It is important to bleed your brakes often to ensure that they stay “tight” during your race. Having tight brakes refers to the feeling of your brakes being very responsive in a race. If your brakes become loose you may not be able to use them properly in braking, manoeuvring, cornering and passing. To bleed your brakes, you will simply loosen the bolt which holds in your hydraulic brake fluid and drain the old fluid into an empty bottle using a brake bleeding pump. You then pour your new brake fluid into the brake line using a funnel until it reaches the point of being just filled. Make sure you pump the brake pedal to ensure the fluid runs through the hydraulic system thoroughly. When you fully depress the brake pedal, you should be unable to move the rear wheels.

Carter Bros Go Kart

Carter bros go kartCarter Bros go kart are karts made by Carter Brothers Manufacturing in the USA. These karts are not racing go karts for track racing, they are carts for recreational use and fun. Generally our site is about the racing go kart, but these karts are so much fun that we had to review what the Carter Bros are all about.

Carter Bros Go kart manufacturers Karts, Buggies, SXS, ATVs, Mini-bikes, Motorcycles and Scooters. They are the oldest and largest manufacturers of go karts and buggies in the world. They have built over 1.5 million vehicles to date.

Carter_Brothers go kartIt is safe to say that the Carter Bros know what they are doing when it comes to Karts. Their karts are made of high strength material and are durable. Currently they sell 6 different types of Karts all of which seem to be off-road go karts. You won’t be racing these at any club track but they are perfect for fun with friends or for on a large property.

In addition to their karts they feature two types of highly durable buggies for the real off-road enthusiast.

What I like about the carter bros is that they provide the option to buy go kart parts for sale on their website. This is a far more convenient option than the typical go kart from a box store. They also let you download their manuals and find dealers all directly from their website.

So if you want a fun kart to race around off-road, this is the place to shop!

I will be writing more articles soon about different companies where you can buy real go kart racing chassis and not simply fun go carts. This site predominantly focuses on competitive go kart racing and not just recreational fun karts. If you like this article or have suggestions for future articles please contact us via the contact form. Thanks!