Street Legal Go Kart

So you want to make a street legal go kart eh? Well let me be the first to tell you that this is a ridiculously hard task and it would likely cost you thousands of dollars. I will explain why.

First thing is first… to make your go kart street legal I should probably just list some of the general requirments accross all states and provinces of the United States and Canada. You must check your own state or provincial laws to make sure your kart is legal. MOST GO KARTS WILL NOT BE STREET LEGAL!

1) Check your state or provincial laws and regulations.
2) Does your kart have auto-insurance? Its required.
3) Does it have mirrors and turn signals?
4) A windshield and winshield wipers?
5) Steat belts? 6) A horn?
7) Braking system which meets standards?
8) Exhaust emission monitor?
9) A licence plate?
10) Head lights and tail lights?

Odds are your kart will never meet any of these standards. I didn’t even mention bump heights and safety test certified. Really there is so much hassle involved I don’t know why you ever would want a street legal go kart. You may as well by a buggy or hot rod.

I should also point out, please do not drive your go kart on city streets! It is dangerous and you could end up killed. The safest option would be to rent a local track for a while. Even parking lots can be dangerous as you do not have a lot of ground clearance and you could wreck your person or your go kart… Stay safe!

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