Go Kart Frames and Chassis

Go kart frames or racing go kart chassis are the overall frame of your go kart. There are numerous brands of go Kart chassis that you can purchase from MBA, Gold, Arrow, and much more. These are available from local distributors in your area and can usually be found online. The racing go kart chassis is specially designed to withstand the top speeds of go karts as well as the immense amount of pressure being put on the frame when taking corners at top speed. These frames differ greatly from any homemade professional go kart chassis, and can cost anywhere from $2000.00 – $5000.00 brand new.

The Chassis

Below, is a visual of the go kart body frame or chassis. Beyond this graphic you will find more detailed sections of the chassis explained.


Go Kart Throttle and Brake Peddles

There are specific components of the racing go kart chassis in which you should be familiar with. The first is the Go kart Throttle and brake peddles. Each of these peddles is located at the front of the go kart. The throttle is located on the right and the brake is located on the left. It is noted that while driving the go kart, these peddles should never be used at the same time. For more information visit our page on Go Kart Cornering.


Go Kart Brake Caliper and Disc

Illustrated above you will see the brake caliper and disc. The disc is attached to the axle which spins as you race down the track. When you apply the brake, the caliper squeezes the disc causing it to stop spinning. The brake caliper is attached to the chassis.


Go Kart Rims and Hubs

The hubs located on a go kart are attached to the ends of the axle. In this illustration there are only rims, which are bolted onto the hubs. Naturally, in a racing situation these rims will have tires on them. Rims can come in a number of different composites including magnesium and aluminium. Hubs can also be made of different materials. Therefore some brands are more durable/heavier than others.


Go Kart Seat Mounts


Iluustrated above are the mounts in which your go kart seat will attach, the rear mounts are not shown on this diagram, however they are of similar size.

For information on how to assemble your go kart with all of the part and gadgets you need to get started this season, visit our page on getting started!

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